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I am forever grateful for the many colleagues who assisted and mentored me during my career.


Personal :

  Age: Born (sometime) on 20th May 1942.
  Marital Status: Widower - Three children - Re Married - Catherine
  Recreational Hobbies: Cooking - Chess - Personal Computers - Travel - Fishing.


Industry Acknowledgements:


Inducted into Australian Hall of Fame  "Foodservice Suppliers Association Australia" for Excellence


Introduced "The Knowledge Now"  program into Tafe and Private providers


Chaired the National "Chef of the year" Sydney Jury


Chaired the National "Chef of the year" Melbourne Jury


Introduced the "World Championships in Culinary Knowledge" on the net


Developed the program to deliver a  Certified Chefs Program


Initiated, convened and chaired the working panel to create the "Australian Culinary Codes Of Practices"


Identified in "Great Chefs of Australia" alongside "Culinary Codes of Practices"


Acknowledged by the Australian Culinary Federation and Nestle for contribution to the Nestle Golden Chefs Hat Award over three years as the Competition Director.


Programmed from my laptop the first ever webcam broadcast of a culinary competition in Australia (Nestle Golden Chefs Hat August 2007 ) from West Coast Academy of Hospitality & Tourism - Western Australia (Stats showed 60 people watched, mainly from Canberra and the webcam refreshed every 30 seconds).


Identified in "Great Chefs of Australia" Published 2006  and 2008 "James Mussak"0-646-45718-7


Training Kitchen named after George at Mt Austin High School  -  Wagga Wagga


Invested with National Life membership of the Australian Culinary Federation


Inaugurated by Les Toques Blanches as a "Pioneer". Details  Les Toques Blanches web 


Awarded Black Hat by Australian Culinary Federation Victoria.


Certificate presented by Bill Gallagher - World President - World Association of Cooks Societies, for contribution as the Director of the Individual World Championships in Cookery in Melbourne. 


Awarded Life Membership of the Australasian Guild of Professional Cooks.


Certificate of Recognition for support and commitment, from "Australian Hospitality Review Panel" and "Tourism Training Network".  


Awarded by N.A.F.E.S for "Excellence and Dedication as a Hospitality Educator " National Australian Food service Equipment Suppliers Annual Industry Award (N.A.F.E.S). 


A training demonstration bar classroom dedicated in the name of George Hill at  Chisholm Institute of TAFE


Awarded by A.F.M.A for "Outstanding Contribution to the Hospitality Industry"  Australian Foodservice Manufacturers Association Award (A.F.M.A.) 


Awarded by A.F.M.A as a member of the National Australian Culinary Olympic Team. Australian Foodservice Manufacturers Association Award (A.F.M.A.) 


George Hill Trophy.  An award initiated by the local Portland Catering Community to recognize the honoraria services given by George. Hill to that area.  

72 - 83

Medals won in Food Service competitions, include eighteen gold, silver and bronze medals between 1972 and 1986 with a definitive in Gold medal in the 1980 Culinary Olympics - National Team Member" Germany. " Internationale Kochkunst Austellung"
Including three consecutive gold medals in the open section in Melbourne Salon Culinaires in 1977 - 1979 - 1981.



1994 - 2008

A number of confidential clients, delivering food and beverage advisory services,
commercial kitchen design and tailored in house training for kitchen staff.
In addition to: - Guest Chef Appearances - Director Nestle Golden Chefs Hat - Webpage design and development - Design and delivery of  tailored update training programs for Vet Hospitality Teachers.


Owner Manager "Rosehill Lodge" Epicurean B&B*
     - Rated 5 Star Food by the Age Newspaper.
     - Tourism Award Winner (3 consecutive years - Dandenong Ranges Tourism).
     - Twice Victorian Finalist - Hosted Accommodation (Victorian Tourism Awards)
Proprietor "Hills Hospitality Training and Consulting".
     - Author of a secondary school video on gastronomy.
     - Demonstrator at numerous food festivals.
     - Developed and managed the educational series "Proud to a chef scholarship"
     - Director - Salon Culinaires,  1975,  1997, 1999.
     - Consultant suburban club and conference centre.
     - Locum to Bed and Breakfasts tourism businesses.
     - Trainer for cooks competing in national and international competitions.
     - Designed and delivered  skills upgrade and training program for cooks on Lihir Island

86 - 94

Chisholm Institute of TAFE  - Head Hospitality and Tourism Studies Department
     - Peak accountability - 700 students and  20 Staff   

73 - 86

From Commercial cookery teacher  to Senior Teacher - Deputy Head of Foods - Head of Foods Department - Training and Development Services Program Manager.
     - Peak accountability: 1300 students  - 37 Teachers 

56 – 72

From an apprenticeship in cookery, Cumberland Hotel – London to various positions, from commis de cuisine to chef de partie in London. Then, executive sous chef and executive chef - Melbourne - Largest kitchen brigade - 30 staff and 9 apprentices



Apprenticeship in Cookery
City and Guilds London Institute Cookery Qualifications 147 - 149 - 151
Certificates : Economics, Maintenance, Small business Finance,
Certificates: Wine and spirits, Introductory law, Time management
Diploma of Applied Science (Food and Foodservice, R.M.I.T.)
Trained Trade Instructors Certificate. - Hawthorn Teachers College
Diploma of Technical Teaching: - Hawthorn Teachers College
Management Development Program: - Australian Administrative Staff College
Work place Assessor License: - Tourism Training Victoria 1993
Industry Assessor License: - Tourism Training Victoria 1993




Assisted A.C.F to write the A.C.F Certified Chef s program  using database


Certified Chef s Program - Wrote basic profile and question data base


Created an online Global Championships in Culinary Arts Knowledge, "Foodie talk" and Master chef test


Culinary Codes of Practices endorsed for membership by A.C.F Victoria Chefs association



Initiated, convened and chaired  meetings of a group of professional chefs to commence developing  an Australian Culinary Code of Practices. The codes have now been accepted by the Australian Culinary Federation Victoria and Les Toques Blanches Executive chefs of Victoria


Initiated and convened meeting for the proposed introduction of an Australian  Chefs Mentors program in professional cookery


Developed and published extensive quizzes for chefs on Salon


Initiated and published the first Australian forum for chefs on the internet, which as at 2008  has over 400 registered members.


Initiated and published the Worlds First Virtual Salon Culinaire on the internet. The site has attracted applicants from many countries around the world.


Initiated, directed, obtained sponsorship and arranged the very first Foodservice Exhibition with a Salon Culinaire for the Yarra Valley to promote the regions food and foodservices.


Initiated, managed, produced and distributed a regional brochure for hospitality businesses in the Yarra Valley aimed to promote the quality of dining with accommodation in the region.


Designed and directed - World Championships in "World Individual Commercial Cookery Championships - Melbourne - 19 Countries participated.

1997 - 2003

Initiated, directed, and personally sponsored two Salon Culinaires for the Dandenong Ranges - including the introduction of Chef, Restaurant, and Wine Menu of the year competitions to the region. Introduced quizzes on the internet. and the first known test of knowledge on the internet

1992 - 1994

Spoke on regular segments on food topics on radio- 3UZ "Grape Expectations".


Invited by the management of the Now Resort Hotel chain in Katsatsu, Japan to visit students attending the hospitality internship program to discuss expanding the work experience program.

1992 - 1993

Member of Victorian committee reference group for the development of competency based curriculum in commercial cookery

1991 - 1994

Initiated and developed an Internship program, which sent groups of Hospitality students to Japan on a work experience program every six months.


Requested to open and speak at the opening of Frisko Bay Restaurant.


Developed for Regency Park Community College - Adelaide the questions for the national trade testing of professional cooks.


Invited to Australia, Dr Joseph Cioch, Dean, Conrad Hilton Hotel Training School, University of Houston, USA, to attend as a visiting professor to the Hospitality and Tourism Studies Department, Dandenong College. Dr Cioch was so impressed with the staff commitment and management system in operation that he proposed a reciprocal arrangement.


Advisor to the Armed services cookery and stewarding courses on trade qualifications.


Requested to advise the Armed services cookery team to the Culinary Olympics on their products and participation in the 1990 Culinary Olympics.


Member of Dandenong Council project committee into the review of meals on wheels services to the area.


Invited to be a judge by the New Zealand Master Chefs Association at the "Food and Wine Festival of New Zealand" and deliver a cross-country series of lectures and demonstrations following the 1989 chefs conference.


Initiated and planned the "Trans Tasman Trophy competition for trainee cooks between Australian Institutions and New Zealand Institutions in conjunction with Trevor watts from the Waikato Polytechnic Institute in New Zealand and conducted the first competition.


Recipient of a Churchill Fellowship to undertake a major study of Hotel Schools in the United States of America and Canada. The aim of the investigation was to study aspects associated with Culinary Arts, Food and Beverage Management and Fast Food training. Visits, lectures / demonstrations at: Johnson and Wales, Culinary Institute of America, Sullivan Community College, Rochester Institute of Technology, Minnesota University, North Dakota State, University, The Hamburger University and The George Brown College of Applied Arts in Canada.


Member of the selection panel for 1988 Victorian Culinary Olympic Teams.

1987 - 2003

Head of Department selections panel for department staffing of Hospitality at Chisholm Institute of TAFE.

1986 - 1989

Member of the project committee as the cookery expert and head of department to assist with the design, development and layout of the training kitchens, restaurant, demonstration facility and classrooms of the Dandenong College of TAFE Hospitality Studies building. This building when completed three years later was awarded the Victorian Architecture Medal for Architects Edmond and Corrigan .

1984 - 1985

Project manager and writer of course material for the apprentice cooks curriculum in Victoria


Member of a committee looking at the skill / training and requirements of apprentice cooks in Victoria.


Participated in the Management Structure of the College Futures Mission Statement.


Participant in the Future Search - "Taking William Angliss Institute into the 21st Century".


Member of the Victorian Institute of Secondary Education Accreditation Advisory. Committee to advise on the introduction of catering subjects into secondary schools.


Convened an industry representative committee and conducted a state wide needs analysis for the development of the first post-apprenticeship qualifications in commercial cookery in Victoria.


March - Closing down all four training kitchens at 8 AM. Calling all senior foods department staff together to an emergency briefing to allocate duties and placed all teachers, students' kitchens and classes on emergency standby to produce meals for the growing bushfires emergency. Immediately arranged meeting with the Director, Ray Way at 8.30 upon his arrival at college and requested approval to turn the Foods Department into a food production factory to supply meals to fire fighters across the state. With full support and additional instructions from Director to the whole college staff and other departments to immediately provide additional resources and expertise: Butchery Department to assist with cutting, Bakery Department to produce, breads, rolls, Business Studies Department to assist in packaging. By 11 AM George had met with Salvation Army Officers at Melbourne Headquarters and relayed plan. Subsequently radio stations relayed requested for products. College swung into 24-hour meal production operation. Called meeting of all staff to allocate duties. Teams of students were formed under supervision of teaching chefs. Others teachers were allocated to receive and record and disburse incoming goods. Instantaneous menus were created utilizing incoming products. The Director and Associate Directors managed diploma student teams who boxed and labeled foods. In two days over 7000 meals were prepared, labeled, boxed and transferred by vans to various locations in Victoria. George returned home exhausted two days later. (Page 110 "William Angliss College "The First Fifty Years")

83 & 92

Chairman: Work Skill Victorian Region Cookery

83 & 84

Initiated, planned, obtained sponsorship, and chaired committee to send a team of apprentice cooks to the Culinary Olympics in Frankfurt, Germany. This team won Australia its first Gold Medal for trainee cooks at the Culinary Olympics.


Invited as visiting lecturer and adviser on the introduction of apprenticeship in cookery  to the Sunraysia College TAFE in Mildura.

81 - 87

Initiated, planned, developed the rules and regulations and directed the biannual "Champion State of Professional Cookery Competition in which every State in Australia competed. 1981 - 1983 - 1985 -1987 - 1989. The specific notion in creating this competition stemmed from approaches from other states to advise them on the mechanics of competing overseas. These national competitions over a six year period encouraged and assisted teams of chefs to practice competing away from their local state and encourage them to consider competing in international Salon Culinaires including "Food Asia", "Restaurant and Caterers Show" in Chicago and the "Culinary Olympics"

81 - 87

Developed course materials and taught - Ice Carving - Sugar Work - Fruit and Vegetable carving - Margarine Modelling.


Initiated, planned, obtained sponsorship selected and sent an apprentice cooks teams to Salon Culinaire in New Zealand.

81 - 83

Project Manager for the Apprenticeship in Cookery Curriculum

77 - 83

Invited to exhibit on President's Table: 1977, 1979, 1981, and 1983.


Secretary to the very first competition staged in Melbourne by professional cooks for all services of the industry.


Invited to be one of two organizing chefs at the State Dinner in honour of Their Majesties King Hussein and Queen Alia of the Hasemite Kingdom of Jordon - Held at Government House Melbourne 1976

73 - 74

Visiting Hamilton Base Hospital as honorary guest chef at Annual Charity Dinners

72 - 81

Taught all three Apprentice cooks who were awarded the Victorian Apprentice of the year in all trades all Victoria



Les Toques Blanches - Status - Pioneer
Australian Culinary Federation - Life Member
Australian Institute of Hospitality Management Past President - 1997 - 1998
- Australasian Guild of Professional Cooks - Foundation member - Now ACFV"
- Past President 1984 - Vice President - Treasurer - Registrar 1974 - 1974
- Dandenong Accommodation Association - Vice President
- Dandenong Ranges Tourism Association - Vice President - Treasurer
- William Angliss College Council Staff Representative on Institute Council
- The Basin Primary School Council - Past President
- Boronia Technical School Council - Past Council Member
- Knox Sherbrooke Chess Club Past President
- Registered by: (C.H.R.I.E.) International Directory of Hospitality Educators
- William Angliss Institute Alumni

Authorships: Publications and Editorials (Most out of publication/ outdated):


"Ice Carving". A 30-Minute video showing the techniques used for carving ice sculptures.
"Fruit and Vegetables".1 hour - 2 part video of carvings from fruits and vegetables.
"Margarine Modelling" by Jean and George Hill 30-Minute The techniques involved in sculpturing margarine.
"Looks Good Enough to Eat" Script written by George for the secondary school on gastronomy.
"Frying Techniques" A 30 Minute video  by Fry Master

"Induction Program for Apprentice Cooks"
"Larder and Buffet"
"Margarine Modelling" by Jean and George Hill.
"Safety in the Commercial Kitchen" by Gas and Fuel
"Making curry powder " Australasian Guild of Professional Cooks" Booklet .

"Australian Gold"
The events leading up to the 1980 Culinary Olympics
"Catering with Australian Dairy Products".
Recipes from the 1980 Culinary Olympics.
"Cookery for the Hospitality Industry"
Chapter 7, By G.Hill, Author G. Dodgshun (William Angliss College).

"The Cooks Uniform" A guide of the traditional cooks uniform

- Cambridge (Electrical Transducers)
- Leecrista (Breeding and show dogs)
- Les Toques Blanches ( Executive chefs of Victoria)
- MDLvisions( Hospitality Consultants)
- Rosehill Lodge (B&B)
- Salonculinaire .com and Community of chefs forum (website and discussion forum)

- Star Anis ( Vinegar and oils)
- Virtual Salon Culinaire( Worlds first "Virtual" visual competition in food)


The Origins of Black Hat. Australian Culinary Federation. March 5, 2013.
Pioneers. Les Toques Blanches Australia, The Executive Chef Association of Australia.
A Legend Remembers
(36). 12 2006. pp. 1–5. original - 2013-02-27.
Fellowship First for Two TAFE Staff
. Victorian Tafe Magazine: 13. October 1987. original  2013-02-27.
References Wikipedia



On the topic of dress and hygiene:
"Are you a Chef De Cuisine or a Chef de Quizine"? Published in 1984
On the topic of local tourism committee memberships: ;
Co-ompetition" or "Co-operation for common good with ones direct competitors" Attributed on the web in 2002 as a new English word.
On the topic of the difference between a cook and a chef:
What is a chef?
A person learning to use their hands is an apprentice cook.
An apprentice cook who has learnt to use hands and now learning to use the brain is a cook.
A cook who has learnt to use hands and brain and now learning to use other people hands is a chef .
A chef who has learnt to use other people hands and now learning to use other people's brains is a sous chef .
A person who has learnt to use other people hands and brains is an executive chef. Published 1980



Jury Experiences – ACF Registered National Judge
Invited to judge salon Culinaire in: Australian Capital Territory, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia.

Competitions Judged:
Australian Hotel Association Hospitality and Tourism Awards - Awards For Excellence - Champion College of Australia - Chef Of The Year – National Copper Skillet - Daryl Cox - Fine Foods - Hospitality Olympics - International Catering Trade Fairs - International Chili Society - National Finals Skill Olympics - Nestle Golden Chefs Hat Award – Culinary Pro-am - Regional Apprentice Cook Competition - Spotless Catering Apprentice Cooks Competition - State Salon Culinaires - Tasmania Expo.

Invited to join International jury:
27th International Skill Olympics, Linz, Austria
Chefs Association Nadi - Fiji 2007
New Zealand - Master Chefs Salon Culinaire

Speaker :


Address at the World Association Chefs Societies on the Virtual Salon Culinaire

Address to the Dandenong Tourism Association on the benefits of entering competitions, Salon Culinaires and the Victorian Tourism Awards

Weekly radios segment 3 A K on Grape Expectations.

Keynote speaker and seminar leader for secondary schools teachers seeking to introduce commercial cookery training in secondary schools. "Introducing Principles of cookery into Secondary schools"  
Paper presented to the Hospitality and Tourism Industry at the Royal Automobile Club of Victoria with the findings of my Churchill Fellowship.

Speaker at Bendigo - Box Hill - Camberwell - and Dandenong Rotary Clubs on Culinary Arts Topics

Speaker at National Art Council on Food Art "In Focus"

Invited to deliver a seminar at "Regency Park Community" - Adelaide - Topic "The Material, Emotional, and Financial considerations in competing for Australia in the International Culinary Olympics. 

Keynote speaker at the Hospitality and Tourism Industry Discussion Group "Apprenticeship in Cookery from an Educationalists Point of View"
Speaker at commercial food exhibitions Warrnambool, Wagga Wagga, Launceston, Portland on various food exhibitions topics  



Food service Rep 2006


Churchill - Tafe -October 1987


Australia Gold on skype at LinkedIn

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