offers fun, educational, and entertaining challenges that broadly assesses the culinary knowledge of: Domestic cooks, Commercial Chefs , Foodies, and Professional Cooks and Chefs “Master Chef” or the ultimate “Chef of Chefs” status on

What is a Master Chef?

This assessment identifies chefs who demonstrate they have the “culinary knowledge component” expected of a Master Chef and awarded a “ Master Chef in Culinary Knowledge”

The full credential as a genuine Master Chef must include: attending a course of study, (usually a short course) that  includes an intense commercial update, in combination with a practical and a theoretical exam, delivered by a recognised institute and usually assessed by current masters.

There are many master chefs’ programs across the world. Only programs that include all three components: Update course – practical examination – theory examination and accredited by a recognised culinary institute or association are fully credentialed  Industry Master Chef. All others only provide semi credentialed status.

What is a “Chef of Chefs”

This is the ultimate credential for professionals, and  assesses : Skills – Attitude – Knowledge and Experience  and is the only assessment at this ultimate level. This is an annual competition and challenge for professional chefs at the supervision level.

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