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Salonculinaire.com  is a website for Australian Chefs. There is a huge amount of information; including competitions, articles,  museum, history and more. If you believe information related to any one of the links below could be expanded or edited, please send the information to George Hill. I am extremely grateful for the many professional chefs, who have, over many years contributed to this site. Since its simple start over 20 years ago, salonculinaire.com and its sister sites have enjoyed hundreds of thousands of visitors. (Statistics for Chefpedia.org ) We still receive requests for information and direct the request to some part of salonculinaire. The original intention of salonculinaire is to be nonpartisan and advertisement free. This is still our policy. I also acknowledge my son Garry Hill from 4ustralia.com who has advised and kept the site alive over the time on his server.

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