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About “The Cutting Edge”

  • The fundamental aim of a “ cutting-edge” virtual meeting is to connect people to an informal virtual network that collectively encourages a sense of unity, engagement, entertainment and  meaningful dialogue between professionals during this Covid 19 crisis. 
  • To assists each other through these difficult times with the aid of “virtual meetings”.
  • A meeting does not exist to provide any kind of advice, product, or fee for service, and it should be noted that any opinions expressed during online meetings are entirely individual’s opinions and should not be taken as guidance.


  • There will be no commercial intention of any individual in a group and joining is completely free.

Rules and norms:

  • Groups may be limited to manageable numbers, thereafter a wait list.
  • Groups will have an individual identity, name and a moderator.
  • Participants must register and be approved to be able to join the group conversation.
  • Accepting someone into a group is entirely at the discretion of the moderator.
  • Joining and connecting to a meeting is entirely the risk and responsibility of the participant.
  • We reserve the right to permanently remove anyone who displays unacceptable or antisocial behaviour.
  • We may conduct polls to establish themes- meeting times or specific opinions that affect the groups operation.
  • Meetings will start and end on the scheduled time (This is software driven).
  • Everyone’s views are to be respected just as any participation in a meeting requires decorum.

The Cutting Edge:

  • The cutting edge will be in constant evolution during the crisis.
  • The networks will attempt to be dynamic and responsive.
  • Consider participants requests that are feasible.


  • A laptop, desktop or an iPhone with a camera and microphone.
  • The system needs to have a good internet connection – preferably NBN.
  • Participants should check their system to ensure connectivity and may need to download  “zoom” or the “zoom app”.
  • Connection assistance cannot be provided during a meeting.

Potential  groups:

  • Professional chefs.
  • Culinary teachers.
  • Hospitality suppliers.
  • Other groups may evolve.
  • There is a special section that links senior from any walk of life. 


  • Please be aware that there are many cyber criminals around that try to send links with viruses, malware and more as attachments.
    We recommend four actions:
  • 1. Keep your security and anti-virus programs up to date on your computer.
    2. Ensure that the email link is from: George Hill <>.
    3. Before clicking a link, ensure that it has the “source” at the start  of the link EG Zoom = followed by the meeting details.
    4. If unsure, do not open any link and contact George by phone to confirm.
    5. Be aware that any virtual platform may be used to accidentally or intentionally spread misinformation.