Service Gear

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Asparagus Tongs – 1900 – 1920 – Contributor: – George Hill – Melbourne. The silver asparagus tongs was a set table utensil for guests to eat stalks of asparagus.
  Waiters Crumb Tray – 1900- 1920 – Contributor:- George Hill – Melbourne.
Used by the waiter to “crumb down” and clean between courses either with a small brush of a table napkin.
  Lemon Wedge Squeezer – 1975 – 1980 –  Contributor: George Hill – Melbourne
Used to hold lemon wedges. so that client does not have to handle while squeezing the wedge.
  Snail Tongs – 1940-1960 -Contributor: John Miller – Melbourne- Australia. Used when snails in shell styles were served, to allow guest to pick or hold shell while extracting the snail
  Grapefruit Knives 1950 -1960  Contributor: John Miller – Melbourne- Australia. Used to cut half grapefruit – Top French – Bottom English
  Carving set 1930 – 1960 Contributor: George Hill – Melbourne. Bone handles and used in conjunction with a Roast trolley.