Culinary Codes of Practice


These Australian Culinary Codes of Practices initiated by in 2008 were designed by a committee of professional chefs convened and chaired by George Hill in an act of self regulation to ensure that general professional practices of cooks/ chefs in Australia are conducted at the highest level of integrity and quality.

There are 10 codes:

  1. Follow all legal and occupational regulations in my professional role and responsibilities.
  2. Refrain from corrupt practices that will bring disgrace to, or damage the integrity of professional cookery.
  3. Respect this culinary code of practice and encourage cooks/chefs to join one or more of the reputable commercial cook/chef organisations.
  4. Be courteous to, considerate of, cooperate with colleagues and demonstrate integrity, honour and passion while accepting and celebrating my colleagues and my own achievements with dignity.
  5. Seek out and mentor young persons to encourage and support them to be passionate about their vocation.
  6. Share my professional knowledge and creative skills with other colleagues to advance the culinary arts.
  7. Acknowledge the original source of any relevant culinary articles, food service styles, creators of fashions or unique preparations and protect the original intention of classical culinary terminology.
  8. Uphold the symbol of a cook/chef uniform, particularly when I portray the image of a professional cook/chef in any public arena.
  9. Endeavour to constantly improve my own knowledge and skills to professionally advance myself
  10. Strive to balance my responsibilities in work, recreation and family in harmony with each other

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