Knowledge is one of the four essential elements required to be a professional chef.
In the beginning the culinary grounding starts at a technical college and progresses through the ranks to the very end of a career.
With “Google” the world is literally at the feet of every chef who now can access information instantly on just about culinary subject.Online social media provides constant updates in discussions and trends, video conferencing programs like Zoom has propelled online personal contact and even more in the virtual world.

The world has changed and is now more than ever before “constantly different”. However, sometimes it’s just good to look at the past to see how the present will impact on the future.

In this kitchen, one may read interesting  articles, explore  historical achievements of Australian Chefs, view a snapshot of tools and equipment that was once  was “the new normal”,and  explore a philosophical view of a past, present, and future chefs attributes while understanding the codes that chefs should always follow.

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