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Hi cooks and chefs,

I want you to know that remains completely ready to attempt to assist all cooks and chefs during this critical time. I have been around this industry over 60 years as a cook, and before retiring as a culinary educator, I was experienced  in administration, a business owner/ operator and many other responsible positions.
Salonculinaire has been around on the net for over 20 years and has proudly encountered over a million visitors’ in its lifetime.
I have never allowed advertising, sponsors or made money from the website, always keeping Salonculinaire as a website for Australian cooks and chefs, sorely as a  information website service.
We are in an ultimate crisis and I have decided that we need Salonculinaire to step-up to assist  in our small way and believe Salonculinaire has a small role to play in this crisis.


Conduct  virtual meetings that encourage participants  to engage in a meaningful dialogue.
To me it does not matter if you are a member of one of the major chefs’ associations ACF – LTB – AITC or non-affiliated cook or chef.

I believe it is good to think about the future; but you have to get there first:

This is a time to be nonpartisan, this is a time to simply open a conversation and listen to others who are all in the same boat in this unprecedented crisis.
It’s a time to exchange opinions and suggest ways to assist each other.
Salonculinaire launches this no obligation service to support members of the commercial cookery community and others who are impacted by COVID-19.  as a online virtual meeting point to chat and support service each other in a small way through these difficult times.
Every two weeks starting from Wednesday April 22 Th, cooks and chefs can join an online meeting at 10.00 AM, and 11.30 AM – Melbourne time. Meetings will commence and finish exactly on time.

Three criteria:

1. In this category you must be a cook of chef who is currently employed or otherwise.
2.  Be willing to assist each other, suggesting conversation topics and resources that can be added  to this website.
3. You must register and be approved as a participant to be able to join the conversation.


You need to have a laptop – desktop -iPhone with a camera and microphone Apple products need a zoom downloaded  app.
Approved cooks and chefs  will be sent a link to a scheduled “Cutting Edge” meeting.
Anyone found to break the rules will be immediately removed.
Foundation meetings will be limited to the first 100 approved cooks and chefs.
If this works, we will establish moderators who can manage one hundred strong meeting, and can grow  Cutting Edge meetings.

I do not know if this idea will work, but in sincerity, intend to attempt to try.

Pleases keep conversations professional, respect all visitors online, be positive, and provide ideas to assist each other, allow everyone the opportunity to participate and just support each other , even by just listening.
Register to be the first in the 100 cooks and chefs online meeting at
Every meeting will have a theme for discussion and we encourage ideas for discussions.
Every meeting will have a chair
We will endeavor to have  2 – 3 chefs as a panel

Agenda: 1 Hour 15 Minutes

Participants log on time window for the cutting edge online program 15 Minutes
– 3 panel members are asked for their perception on the topic . 15 minutes
– Questions to the panel.   15 minutes
– General comments and opinions- Future topics. 30 minutes
We reserve the right to  permanently remove  anyone who displays unprofessional behaviour.
Accepting this rule is a requirement to belong to this virtual network.
Potential topics:

What should chefs associations do now for the industry? Will this crisis change being a cook or chef?
What links  to websites do you see as important now?

YouTube – George Hill  YouTube – George Hill
Register as  a Executive Chef – Chef de Cuisine – Sous chef  – or Chef de Partie
Participants may be automatically allocated  a group determined by criteria.
Salonculinaire is taking advice from an advisory group of professional chefs.