Seniors Happy Hour

First Seniors Meeting held : 4.45 – 6.00 PM April 11 – Theme ‘Happy Easter in jail” (17 Participants)

Connecting – Senior citizens in all walks of life.

Please first read: “About The Cutting Edge” 

  • Salonculinaire is a website focused on chefs who practice at the professional level (Technical and supported by the Australian web portal (
  • Salonculinaire has been around on the net for over 20 years and has proudly encountered over million visitors’ in its lifetime.
  • Salonculinaire is an information website for Australian cooks and chefs and is not, never has been, nor will be into the future commercially focused.
  • We are in ultimate crisis and have decided that should step-up to assist seniors in our small way.

On this site, we intend to schedule a “happy hour” for seniors.

Meetings will be scheduled and registered participants will be notified with a link, day, and time.

There are membership criteria.

  • You must be retired and at least one partner must be over the age 65.
  • You must register to join this happy hour (one approved participant may bring a partner or guest).
  • Have a laptop – desktop – iPhone with a web /camera and microphone.
  • Be aware of ,or willing to join in a free online meeting using zoom (Very easy).
  • Introduce yourself to the group, prepare to join in an of hour of fun, share in the conversation, experiences, appropriate jokes, show pets, etc.
  • We recommend preparing for the happy hour by having an alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink ready’.
  • Possibly dress up.
  • Log on at the scheduled time and click on the blue code line that shows the “join meeting” link/number.
  • The meeting code that will be sent to you must be kept totally confidential and joining is entirely at your own risk.

Registered seniors will be sent a link to the meeting.

  • If for some reason you cannot attend please send apologies, any registered participant missing for two consecutive meetings will be replaced by someone on a waiting list.
  • We may limit registrations to 100 on the active email list, and if demand warrants, thereafter a waiting list.
  • We may attempt to establish moderators who can manage their own zoom meeting, and grow into other online events with the same engaging intent.
  • Initially meetings may be limited to small numbers to attempt maintain the best experience for participants.
  • Participant numbers will be established in inaugural meetings to establish the most appropriate (maximum) numbers invited to join a scheduled meeting.
  • Moderators and participants are welcome to input their experience and ideas that can improve this concept.

Draft agenda:

  • Participants log on time window for the cutting edge online Happy hour (15 Minutes)
  • Introductions (15 Minutes)
  • Group conversation – show and tell –  Funny experiences – Jokes 
75 Minutes


  • Happy Easter in Jail (Delivered – 17 Participants)


  • Virtual Dinner Party
  • Virtual Happy Hour
  • Virtual Fancy dress
  • Virtual Meet the pet or my favourite book
  • Virtual Hat competition